Sunday, February 1, 2009


January has been quite a month. I got assigned to a new project in California and things have been pretty hectic. Living in a hotel and working 65 hour weeks put a bit of a crimp on training. LeadMan really looks intimidating from San Diego. Running on concrete at 4 am and road riding in heavy traffic at lunch is a huge difference from Colorado Springs. I have found a couple decent places to mountian bike and the longer I'm here the more places I find to ride. I was on the verge of not doing LeadMan when I came back to Colorado this weekend and had a fantastic run with CRUD and am totally motivated again to go for it. I registered and am going back to San Diego tomorrow with a plan and focus. The weather is awesome and I'll be there till April. There are some decent places to mountain bike and some steep climbs. With the hours I'm working it will be tough, but I've adjusted and back on track!

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  1. Sorry I didn't stop to say hi on Sunday but from that parking lot I can see my house and if I stop there I usually don't start again. Train hard out in CA!