Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tour of California

Today was like the perfect day. Got up in the morning and ran trails! 16 miles worth. Got back, ate breakfast, hopped on my bike and met Ralph, Jim, & Rob to go chase the ToC. We rode a fairly easy pace up to Highland Valley road and then up the first climb of the day. It is a short (about 1 mile?) but at 9%. Once the race went by we rode further up, cut across Bandy Canyon, then rode the rolling hills to Escondido at a pretty hard pace to watch the finish (I think we were motivated at watching the race fly up the climb). After the finish, we rode back to the hotel, again at a good pace for a total of 38 miles riding on the day.
Bike: 2.6 hrs, 38 miles. Total for week-13.7 hrs, 171 miles
Run: 2.3 hrs, 16 miles. Total for week-5.7 hrs, 40.1 miles
Watching these guys climb up Highland Valley was nothing short of amazing. They simply flew up the climb like there was no hill at all, and they looked relaxed doing it! Here are some pictures from the climb. I took video of the finish, so I don't have any pictures of that.
I was cheering for Ralph!

The Peleton Approaches

Heading for the first Switchback

A small gap. I believe that's Tyler in the back.

Astana controlling and protecting Levi (5th back in Yellow)

Many interesting fans along the route

You could watch the race on big screens placed throughout the finish area.

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  1. What a great day! Let's do it again next year!