Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's Summer Again!

It's February and the oranges are ripe for pickin!

Today was an absolutely beautiful day and a great training day. Felt pretty energetic on my 4 am hill repeats. Did the same hills I've been doing the last three weeks; 10 * 3.5 min. Next Thursday I'll be in Colorado doing the Thursday morning hill climb with Team-CRUD! Legs felt pretty good at work.

Part of the climb the race will come up

Lunch was the Urban Assault Ride. We rode up Highland Valley Road to scope out a spectator spot for the Tour of California, which comes through on Sunday. It is the first climb of the day for the race. Our plan is ride up Highland Valley, watch the race come by, then head across Bandy Canyon to Hwy 78 and ride into Escondido to watch the finish. Today was a good brisk ride, my legs felt surprisingly strong and as always with this group, it was a lot of fun. Oh and it was in the 70s.

Run: 1:42 11.5 miles (Hill Repeats)
Bike: 1:28 20.5 miles

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