Friday, February 13, 2009


Today was a recovery day. Got to sleep in till 5:30. Ralph & I went for an easy ride at lunch. We saw a car parked in the bike lane but didn’t say anything.

Today was in the 50s and overcast. Not freezing cold but enough to wear a vest and arm warmers. While we were stopped at a traffic light a lady rolled down her window and asked how we could ride in such cold weather. Huh? One of the women at work was complaining that this was coldest she’s been in her life. Another asked how I could walk outside with only a short sleeve shirt. At home, 50 degrees in February would feel like summer.

One perspective that has changed for me here is riding in traffic. Today I was thinking how relaxing this ride was when it hit me that I’m riding down the side of a busy 6 lane highway with cars buzzing by at 60 mph. Three months ago I wouldn’t have even rode down this road let alone think it was relaxing!

Ride 1:36, 20 miles

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  1. I would love it if it was 50 here today. It's currently 17 with light snow.