Thursday, February 26, 2009


Team CRUD at the Top

Every Thursday morning throughout the Winter, Team CRUD does a time trial up Cheyenne Canyon. It is a 4 mile uphill run, very steep in places. It starts at around 6,400 ft and ends at approximately 8,100 ft. Everyone starts at different times with the goal of everyone finishing at the top at the same time, then we run down together. For instance if it takes 40 minutes start at 6:00 am, if 35 minutes - 6:05, if 45 min - 5:55. The altitude was rough on me today and I really struggled up the mountain. It was fun, and a hard reminder that I will have to do a lot of this type of running to get ready for LeadMan. We took Columbine trail down to the start so we added a couple of extra miles for a total of 10.

Coming Down Columbine

After work I rode home and inadvertently took the long way, which ended up being about 32 miles.

Bike: 2.2 Hrs, 32 miles
Run: 1.6 Hrs, 10 miles

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