Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pre-Tour of California

Got up this morning and decided to ride 100 miles. It was raining all night so mountain biking was out. There is a 6 mile climb about 5 miles or so from here that the Tour of California race will be going up next week, so that was where Ralph & I headed. The climb wasn’t really that hard, it was about 6 miles of climbing with pitches of 9% but it evened out several times.

Start of climb to Romona

About 1/2 way up

We rode up to the town of Ramona and rode some hills then headed back down and back to the hotel. I refilled my water bottles and headed back out alone to the coast, and to ride some hills. Felt great and wanted to do more but decided I shouldn't over do it. 100 mile ride, short sleeves, in February? Yes! All in all a great day, just out ridin my bike!

Bike: 7:34, 101 miles, 6240' climbing

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