Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back In Colorado!

Colorado Springs, Airport Parking Lot

Back in Colorado for 1 1/2 weeks. Went on a short run as soon as I got back and holy smoley did the altitude kick my butt! After two months at sea level, I know what flat landers feel like when they come here. Ran a short 4 miles and my pace was a minute a mile slower than in San Diego, but felt harder. Wow! It was great running with my favorite running buddy though!

MyFavorite Running Buddy, Max

Tuesday morning (in San Diego) was the 4 AM 8 mile run with 10 * 15 second speed burst. I felt absolutely great! In the afternoon hooked up with the Urban Assault Crew and we had a fun, fast, intense one hour ride. One of those rides where a group of friends just go out and have fun. We attacked each other, chased the attackers down, pushed the hills, and flew down the descents. Its like being kids again. Another reason we ride. After the urban assault ride I went on to ride another 2 hours on the bike path along side the freeway to the coast and back.

Wed: Run 37:21, 4 miles

Tues: Run 1.1 hrs, 8.3 miles, Bike 3.1 hrs, 45 miles


  1. It *is* fun to ride like a kid who drank too much coca-cola, isn't it?

    Hurry back, we'll do it more!