Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Always Bring a Phone

Today was supposed to be a recovery day and it pretty much was. No run this morning since my body is still adjusting to running on concrete and the lunch time ride was a low intensity road ride of just over an hour. Toward the end of the ride I caught the sight of a lady laying on the sidewalk. All of a sudden she starting coughing and appeared to be having a convulsion. Ralph and I stopped and ran over to her and she seemed to be semi conscious. She was incoherently mumbling and then passed out. A few seconds later she would start coughing and complaining that she couldn't breath. She pointed to a band on her wrist which stated she has Adrenal Deficiency. Now I usually take my cell phone, but today I left it on my desk. Ralph tried calling 911 on his phone and got no answer. Keep in mind this was all happening on the side of a very busy road. We weren't sure what to do and felt kind of helpless when a car pulled to the side and two men, one a Marine Sgt got out. They also had no cell phone. They were going to try and take her to a hospital but she passed out again. Finally a woman with a cell phone stopped and was able to get through to 911. Then a nurse stopped. She seemed also uncertain of what to do and kept commenting on how long it was taking the ambulance. It seemed like forever but it was probably only about 8 minutes when we heard sirens and a fire truck, ambulance and State Hwy Patrol arrived.

Ride 1:15, 15 miles easy
Strength workout 45 minutes primarily CORE.

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  1. If I am remembering correctly this isn't the first time you have come to someone's aid while out on a run or ride....maybe someone should sew you a super hero cape to start wearing.