Thursday, February 5, 2009

Urban Assault

Today started early at 4 AM for hill repeats. CRUD runs up Cheyenne Canyon on Thursday mornings, so I was with them in spirit by trying to emulate the run. It normally takes me between 36 and 40 min to run up Cheyenne Canyon. So far I haven't found a steep climb nearby, that I can run in the dark, that is as long. The best I've found is a hill in a residential area that takes about 3 1/2 min. So I ran it 10 times. The same but different.
A major cold front moved in today so the highs only reached the mid 60s. That might have been why we had less than half the regulars at the lunch time ride, which I call the "Lunch Time Urban Assault Ride". It was a good one today. Only an hour but very high intensity with a couple steep (but short) climbs that we hit pretty hard.
Run 1:28 - 10 miles
Bike 1 hour - 16 miles

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  1. ....sending much sympathy over you cold front.