Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Winter is Over

Well I guess we've had our Winter in San Diego, at least that's what the locals are saying. It rained on and off for about a week, and temperatures only got up in the mid 50s. Today the sun came out, temps climbed into the 60s and forecasts are calling for high 70s through the weekend. Ralph made a comment about the weather during our ride yesterday. Something like "What's with this weather here, we actually have to wear arm warmers!"

After a tough run on Sunday, I used Monday to recover only doing Core Strength training. That did the trick as I felt great Tuesday morning. Started the morning off with an 8 mile run, the first 4 miles at a casual pace then the last 4 miles at tempo. Took a cold bath/shower afterward and my legs felt great all day. Ralph & I rode the in afternoon doing a high RPM spin tempo ride and it felt great.

Today 4 miles in the morning then the lunch time Urban Assault Ride. The lunch ride started fast right out of the blocks. Jim just likes to ride fast, period. I don't think he knows what slow is. He eventually dropped us and we kind of got lost. Jim was probably waiting for us somewhere, but we must have took a wrong turn. We got our bearings straight with the help of Garmin and continued at a more civilized pace. The ride was nice and we actually got on some quieter roads with some nice scenery. All in all just another great ride! Note, I took some pictures, but I accidentally deleted them...duh!

Run 37:58, 4.5 miles
Bike 2:01, 29 miles

Run 1:04, 8.3 miles
Bike 1:54, 26 miles

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  1. Mea culpa, I feel bad -- I caught and latched on to those riders in front of us and never looked back. Poor cycling etiquette on my part, sorry!