Monday, December 29, 2008

Taking advantage of the Weather

Visitor at our neighbors house as I was just starting out this morning With an absolute beautiful day, a group of us had to take advantage of it and get in some good ol fashion just go out and have fun mountain biking. One of those rides where a group of friends get together and just ride. No training, no intervals, just good ol fun play. A wonderful day. Most of the group had better skills than me and we rode some pretty technical stuff in Palmer Park; Which meant I had to work hard to keep up. I find it good to ride with people better than me now and then, I end of riding stuff I normally wouldn't ride.
Today I want to start putting somewhat of an overall plan together for the Leadman. Generally, I am planning to limit running to 3 - 4 times a week with no long runs over 20 miles except for an occaisonal race of 50k to 50 miles, ride 4 - 5 times a week with long rides up to 6 hours. Keep the intensity fairly low over the winter then start increasing intensity in the Spring and early summer with hill repeats and races. The biggest wrench to any plan right now is going out to San Diego for the next three months. It's that job thing...
Today's ride:
3.8 Hours MTB: Fun, relaxed group ride with some technical grunts througout.
30 Miles mostly technical single track
2100 ft Altitude gain.

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