Saturday, December 27, 2008

Starting My Quest for LeadMan 09

Well I was looking for something challenging to do this Summer and decided to do the Leadman again, much to the disapproval of Roswitha, my wife. Training for the Leadman pretty much becomes a single focus for the year. It consists of all 5 Leadville events: The Mosiquito Pass Marathon, the Silver Rush 50 Mile Bike Race, the Leadville Trail MTB 100, the Leadville Trail 10K Run, and finally the Leadville Trail 100 Mile Run. I've been combining running and riding for the last couple months, but as of yesterday I officially started training specifically for the LeadMan. So why not start a blog and track the adventure.

Yesterday Moutain Bike in the snow! Always good to get out in the cold and enjoy the fresh air!
Today a semi long run with CRUD They are a great group to run with and very much responsible for getting me through my first LeadMan. Can't think of a funner bunch to run with.