Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Tourist in My Own Town

Being away so long gave me a whole new perspective on home. I was beginning to take the awesome trails, mountains, and scenery right out my front door for granted. Today I rode what I call my standard loop. It’s about a five-hour ride that I do pretty regularly. I never really appreciated what an incredible ride this is until today. Great single track, scenery, climbs, descents, clean air, and it’s just out my door. I have access to hundreds of miles of incredible trails without having to drive to them. All the tools for Leadman training are right here, a mountain biker/trail runner’s paradise!

Playing in Ute Park

Today was a fairly casual mountain bike ride by myself, as I didn’t want to push to keep up with anyone. Started out with an hour or so of semi-technical riding in Ute Park, then Monument Trail to Bear Creek. Cut through Stratton Open Space and up the Chutes to Cheyenne Canyon. Down and up Columbine Trail to Gold Camp and Cap’n Jacks. Cap’n Jacks is a great single track descent. I always forget how fun this trail is until I do it again! Down the Chutes (another fun downhill) and back home the same way I came. Just another day in Paradise!
Another Day in Paridise;Cheyenne Canyon
Bike: 5.2 hours, 45 miles, 4219’ climbing
Week Total:
13.7 hours, 136.5 miles
Run: 8 hours, 44 miles

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