Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Today was a good run/bike day but I got severely spanked on the bike. Started the morning with a 12 mile run in which I ran 5 miles at tempo. I ran the first two miles easy to warm up then 5 miles in 37:58, and 5 miles at an aerobic pace to finish. Felt pretty good throughout the run.

The ProCycling Team ride was a different story. The weather was turning cold and it looked and felt like it was getting ready to snow. Only two others showed up; Matt Simmons (Pro Mountain Biker) and Norm Alvis (Former Pro Road Racer, former Pro National Champion, former US hour record holder). Ouch! Needless to say as Matt and Norm were cruising and talking this old guy was just trying to hang on. When we hit the first climb they dropped me like I wasn’t even there. We regrouped at the top and headed for the second climb. Norm went home and Matt took it easy on me. He waited about 150 meters or so before he dropped me. I almost kept him in sight to the top, but not quite. This was one of those rides when your going so hard you want to puke but still can’t keep up. Ouch again. Welcome Home!

Run: 1.6 hrs, 12 miles
Bike: 1.3 hrs, 20 miles, 2000’ climbing

See Matt's Blog for more: http://twowheeledworld.blogspot.com/2009/03/7th-wonder.html

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