Saturday, March 7, 2009

Time for a Rest

Today (Thursday, March 5) was climbing day. I had decent climbing legs on the run, but they disappeared on the bike. Started the day with the CRUD hill climb. I could definitely breathe better than last week! It was a beautiful morning with no snow at all. Pretty much everyone set an all-time PR or a season PR. I ran a 39:15, exactly 3 min faster than last week. We took Columbine trail back down for a total of 10 miles.
Dan (on a single speed) Had to Wait on Me Today
As soon as I finished the run, I jumped on my bike, rode through Ute Park, Garden of the Gods, & up Gold Camp. Met Dan at the base of High Drive and we proceeded to climb up Palmer Trail to Section 16. I normally have to struggle to keep up with Dan, but keeping up today just wasn’t in the cards. I thought Dan was getting frustrated waiting for me, but he was actually enjoying watching me suffer.
Starting the Climb up Palmer Trail
Section 16 is one of the more technical & steeper descents around Colorado Springs. Sometimes I can ride it really well, and sometimes not so well. Today was not so well. I was a bit slow & crashed once but got down ok. It’s an incredibly fun descent, when you’re on.
Coming Down Section 16
We then rode Intemann Trail to Red Rocks and two very fun trails that were new to me! From there we circled back to Section 16 and back to Gold Camp. I crashed hard just before we reached Section 16, going over the handle bar and hitting a rock with my head and shoulder. Luckily nothing broke and we continued on. From Gold Camp I headed home via Red Rocks, Garden of the Gods, and the Flying W Ranch hill. I have this tradition (some call it superstition) that when I ride home from long rides, no matter how tired I am, I have to go home via the Flying W hill. I sure didn’t feel like climbing that hill today, but I’ve been here many times before and will be here many times in the future. I spent a good part of the rest of the day with an ice pack on my left shoulder and an ice pack on my right wrist. I’m fairly banged up and I think its time for a rest. Climbing Back Out of Red Rocks
Thursday, March 5:
1.5 hrs, 10 miles
Bike: 4 hrs, 33 miles, 4219’ Climbing

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  1. Man, it looks like it was a great day for a run/ride! I can't wait for our weather to turn more mountain ridin' friendly!

    By the way, Section 16 looks like it could take a bite out of most of us--congrats for surviving!