Saturday, March 28, 2009

Running in Winter Paradise

CRUD Stampede Headin for the Trailhead

Another incredible day training for Leadman. It seems like I use that word a lot, maybe I should find another one. On the other hand, I can’t help it. It is just so awesome to be privileged, blessed, whatever you want to call it to be able to train for something like this. At 51 years old I’m still going out and doing the same things I loved to do in High School; running and riding my bike! And as I’ve said before, Colorado Springs is an absolutely perfect place to train. There is no shortage of studs in Colorado Springs either. Tuesday I’m riding with Norm Alvis and Matt Simmons and at the CRUD runs, guys like Paul DeWitt (no relation), Anton Krupicka, & Rick Hessek are regulars. Paul is former Leadville 100 Trail Run course record holder, Anton 2 time winner of the same race, and Rick finishes in the top 5 of every race he enters. Not to mention Paul and Anton have numerous course records all over the country. And these guys don’t mind running/riding with regular old guys like me!

The Saturday CRUD run started in Manitou Springs with a seven mile climb to the Palmer Trail Head.
Regrouping about half way up the Initial Climb
Once on Palmer Trail we broke trail through fresh snow, which was quite a bit of work, but just adds to the adventure! Palmer Trail was primarily descending until we came to the Section 16 Trail Head, then we started climbing again. My legs did not want to cooperate after running downhill for 30 minutes or so. I pushed through it and after a while they started coming back. We ran the rolling Intemann Trail back to Manitou for a total 18.6 miles. We hit altitudes of 8700 feet with an average altitude of 7500 feet. Just under 3,000 feet of climbing. I love going out an playing in the mountains! Re-grouping before Heading Down Palmer Trail

Run: 3.3 hrs, 18.6 miles
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  1. If you finish Leadman, you can claim me as a relation. If you fail to finish, then absolutely we are not related!

    Nice photos....

  2. There you go Larry, now you really have motivation to do good at kin-folk!

  3. The CRUD pack that morning was the road running equivalent of running with the Kenyans. Good times!

  4. Wow I have a chance to claim a relative that's not in prison. I'm really motivated now!