Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Last Ride in San Diego

The Lunch Time Urban Assault Crew

Today was the last ride with the Urban Assault Crew. What a great bunch guys to ride with. I can’t believe the time here in California has come to an end. It seems like it just flew by. My son described Iraq as “The days are long but the weeks go by fast” and that’s how it was here. 4 AM runs, 10 – 14 hour workdays, lunch time rides, quick workouts at the gym and do it all over the next day. There were so many great people I met here both at work and play. Thanks to Jim, Dave, Rob, George, Dominic, Rudy, Darryll, Kenny, Donald (I know I’m missing a few) from the Urban Assault Crew. Your hosipitality was awsome and your rides are a blast. Then there was Ron Brogdon & Odale Baker from Sand Diego Major Taylor Cycling Club. I wished I could have rode some more with you, but time just snuck up on me. Any of you guys ever come to Colorado, I’d be proud to show you around.

Our ride today was rolling hills and fairly hard. Rolling hills for me are tougher then long steady ones. When we finished, I decided to go to the coast one more time. So I rode to the coast and through Torrey Pines State Park and back on a beautiful day in the 70s. A great way to end my stay! Thanks again guys.

Torrey Pines Overlooking the Pacific

Tomorrow morning I head for home via Moab. I guess while I’m there I ought to do one of my favorite loops in the whole world. Porcupine Rim!

Bike: 4.3 hrs, 57 miles, 3920’

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  1. Larry -- Thanks for joining our rides and making them faster. You're a great guy and an excellent rider, we'll miss your company. Come back and visit sometime, we'll be here.