Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cranking up the Intensity

Got up nice and early this morning for a good 12 ½ mile run. It wasn’t quite as early as in San Diego, (5 instead of 4) so that was nice. It was cold though. I estimated it to be in the mid teens. My water bottle was frozen after an hour. The trails were pretty clear of snow so the footing was good. Started out with a 2 1/2 mile warm-up then 6 miles at tempo in 45:51. Finished up with an easy four miles that was starting to feel kind of tough toward the end. Most people don’t know this, but this is an excellent way to start the morning. Much better than coffee!

Although it was an excellent workout this morning, I felt it the rest of the day. I was pretty stiff at work, and had to get up and walk around several time to work the kinks out. The stiffness wasn’t gone when we started our Tuesday night ProCycling climb until you puke ride. I was in trouble right from the beginning. Even as we approached the first climb I was having trouble hanging on. Like last week, I was dropped like I wasn’t even there. This time it was by guys I have out climbed in the past. Ouch. I started feeling better at the steepest part of the climb and my legs sort of woke up after that. The second and steepest climb I was able to at least hang on, dangling at the back while everyone else was attacking and counter attacking each other. And to think I almost turned around and went home after the first climb.

Run: 1.7 hrs, 12.5 miles/w 6 mile tempo in 45:51
Bike: 1.5 hrs, 20.6 miles

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