Sunday, March 29, 2009

Time to Get Vertical

An epic day in the saddle! Got the gang together and we proceeded to get some serious vertical today. Awesome! We have a road ride which can take on several variations we call "Tour de Hills". It’s a very cool ride because there is almost no traffic, never leaves town, and comprises serious climbing. Today, 70 miles and 8,180 feet. The weather was perfect and our group a blast, and just another day in paradise!

The Tribe Gathers

Kara Climbing to the Zoo

Dan & the "Gouge Man" Climbing Cheyenne Canyon

Climbing Gold Camp

Bike 6.0 hrs, 70 miles, 8,180’ climing
Week Total:
7.4 hrs, 46.1 miles
Bike: 12.6 hrs, 151 miles

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