Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Back to Pounding the Pavement

Back in San Diego with long work hours, 4 am runs and urban assault bike rides. It was good to get back to Colorado and run & ride in the mountains again. It makes training seem more like play than training. When I got up Tues morning at 4 and headed out the hotel at 4:15, I noticed the hotel clock had not been moved up for Daylight Savings, it read 3:15...Och!

Ralph and I stopped by for the lunch time ride but the guys had left early so we rode a route Ralph found last week. It was a nice course on some semi quite streets with steep climbs. Lot's of fun, until some guy drove up and told us we were trespassing on private roads. Private roads? It was a good ride and I really felt the oxygen.

This morning was an easy 5 mile recovery run. Worked straight through the day so wasn't able to ride. Went to the gym and worked on core in the evening.

Run: 43:49, 5 miles
Strength: 35 min, primarily core

Bike: 1.5 hours, 18 miles
Run: 1.5 hours, 11.6 miles

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