Wednesday, March 4, 2009


In Colorado Springs, this week my training has been commuting to work. It’s a great way to get in some base miles and save money at the same time. In San Diego, my world is work, the gym, the hotel, and the grocery store. All within walking distance. I work lots of hours, train, eat & sleep. A very simple life. In Colorado Springs I have a 19.5 mile commute to work. I ride to work, work, run at lunch, work, and ride home. Not much time for anything else. I have put gas in my truck one time this year. Practically the only driving I do is back & forth to the airport.
Commuting to/from Work

My commuting set-up makes me look like a nerd, but that’s OK. I ride a 15 year old Schwinn, with a head light, blinking tail light & usually pull a BOB trailer. I carry my clothes, shower stuff, breakfast, lunch, tools, and work stuff, such as folders, books, and sometimes my laptop. Going up hill feels like riding a tandem with your partner not pedaling. The route to work is a combination of bike paths, trails, dirt roads, and residential roads with little to no traffic. It’s a great ride!

My Commuting Rig

Bike: 1.5 hrs, 19.5 miles commute to work. (Roswitha was in the neighborhood and gave me a ride home)
Run: 31 min, 3.7 miles

3 hrs, 39 miles commute to/from work.
Run: 1.1 hrs, 8 miles w/10 * 15 sec sprints.

Strength workout, primarily core.

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