Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Get to Ride My Bike All Day!

Peñasquitos Canyon

This morning I got up and realized that I get ride my bike all day! No work, no chores, no errands, no blogs to update… well ok 3 out of 4. Today was a 5+ hour mountain bike ride in Peñasquitos & Lopez Canyons. I went pretty easy all day, just exploring new trails and climbing and descending whatever came my way. The legs were still feeling yesterday's run so I wasn't flying up the climbs. Yesterday I ran many of these same trails and today explored more of them on the bike. Friday, Saturday and today were just easy endurance rides/run. Saturday, ran in these same canyons intending on running about 13 – 14 miles. I got caught up in exploring new trails and ended up running 18.5. Friday was a great relaxed road ride of 2.4 hours out to the coast. Training is going well, despite the travel and long working hours!

Ridin Down the Canyon! Waaaaahoo!

Friday, Bike: 2.4 hrs, 36 miles, 2421’
Saturday, Run: 2.8 hrs, 18.4 miles
Sunday, Bike (MTB): 5.1 hrs, 42.5 miles, 3219’
Week Summary:
Bike: 10.3 hrs, 119 miles
Run: 6.4 hrs, 42.5 miles

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  1. way to go Larry! I just got a new mountain bike and have been tearing up the town. I can bicycle long hours but couldn't run for more than 5 minutes! :P keep it up and have a good one