Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What a Week!

The Incline Just to Right of Pike's Peak
This has been an awesome week getting back into the swing of things. After going six months with hardly seeing a hill, I’m surprised at how well I was able to get back into the hill workouts. Got in plenty of hills on the bike and running. Tuesday morning started with a 12 mile run w/ 100 meter sprints scattered throughout then in the evening the good ol high intensity "climb so hard you puke" team ride. I was shocked when I was able to keep up with the main group.
Wednesday an easy recovery run to include a mile of running barefoot, Thursday morning some technical mountain biking in Ute Park followed by an 18 mile slightly uphill time trial from Ice Lake to Palmer Lake on Santa Fe Trail. Again another surprise; my time was among my best. Came upon some Burro racers training on Santa Fe Trail. Only in Colorado! Thursday evening Max & I climbed the Incline then ran to Barr camp at 10,200 ft, which is about halfway to the top of Pikes Peak, then 7 miles back down to Manitou Springs.

Burro Racers

Going to the Incline
On Friday, I almost lost my little buddy Max. We did an easy hike vs. running as my quads were pretty beat up from the downhill running on Thursday. We were passing through a field, Max chased a rabbit over a ridge and I heard him yelp on the other side. I started running toward the ridge when he came running back through the field with two coyotes twice his size in pursuit. One was behind and the other was circling around to head him off. I ran toward them screaming at the top of my lungs and got there at the exact moment he was caught from behind. The coyote heading him off was within two seconds of striking. I ran in kicking and screaming and both coyotes gave up the chase and ran off with me chasing them screaming at the top of my lungs. That was scary, two seconds slower and Max wouldn’t be here today.

Team CRUD in the Clouds
Saturday, a magic four hour run into the clouds with CRUD up Cap’n Jack’s to Frosty’s (10,000 ft) and the base of Mt Rosa (10,500 ft). We had to traverse several snow fields in the high country and since it was an overcast day we were literally running in the clouds. It was a great Leadman training run with over 4,500 feet of climbing.

Snow in the High Country
Finally on Sunday, went on an awesome six hour mountain ride with one of my best riding buds, Sharon Larson. This ride covered it all; big climbs, big scenery, big descents, technical, rocky, six hours of single track bliss, with just over 6,100 feet of climbing. It is so good to be back!

Headin Down Trail 666
Sun: Mountain Bike - 6 hrs, 45 miles, 6,100 ft climbing
Sat: Run - 4.1 hrs, 18 miles, 4,500 ft climbing
Fri: Hike with sprint training
Thurs: Mountain Bike – 3.5 hrs (0.9 hrs TT), 46 miles, Run – 3.3 hrs, 14 miles
Wed: Run – 0.8 hrs, 5.5 miles
Tues: Run 1.6 hrs, 12 miles, Road Bike – 2.5 hrs, 39 miles, 3219 ft climbing
Mon: CORE Strength workout

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