Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another Epic CRUD Run

Barr Camp in Pouring Rain

Another Epic CRUD Run. These runs are too fun to be considered training! This was a typical CRUD long run with lots of climbing, getting lost, and enjoying the mountains. It rained off and on throughout to make things more adventurous. Our little adventure started in Manitou and headed up William’s Canyon. Paul DeWitt’s dad joined us from VA, so he had a serious altitude adjustment to make but did just fine. Williams Canyon is a rocky uphill run that eventually takes us to the top of Waldo Canyon. We did a short spin through Waldo Canyon to Long’s Ranch Road. I not sure what this road was used for in earlier times, but it is pretty much closed to the public now. It is STEEP & LONG. After slogging up Long’s Ranch Road, we regrouped at the top & continued through the Experimental Forest (sounds like a scene from Wizard of Oz) to Barr Trail, which goes to the top of Pike’s Peak. We were only on Barr Trail for a little bit and turned off & up the pipeline trail, which was a new trail for me. I found out why it’s called the pipeline trail when we crossed a bridge across a canyon with a pipeline running across it. Well it was actually just lying there. From there we ran up and up and up following the cog railroad tracks until we came to a rest stop for cog railroad passengers. From there we took a trail that we thought would take us back to Barr Trail but it petered out so we bushwhacked it. Eventually found Barr Trail and ran it up to Barr Camp, which is about ½ way to the top of Pikes Peak. A quick break and we headed down in a steady rain to Manitou, about a seven mile descent. Fun Times!

Run: 4.9 hrs, 25 - 27 miles? 5,100+ ft of climbing


  1. Hey Larry,

    Good running with you and Max yesterday. Mostly new trails for me. Eric and I only went another hour on Elk Park and got completely soaked (and cold). FYI - Elk Park is pretty much clear of snow up through about 4 miles.

  2. Hey Scott, great running with you too. The CRUD runs are so much fun. Great bunch to run with. You guys must have did 30+ miles?