Saturday, May 30, 2009

What a Week So Far

Now I am into the heart of Leadman training. This has been an incredible week so far, I will definitly need to recover next week. As my Leadman training builds, I am finding less and less time for the blog. So here is the week so far. I'm really happy with how things are coming along.

Mon: Strength workout. Went pretty hard today. Focused on core as usual, but went harder on upper and lower body. Also went hiking with my son Jesse, who is back from Iraq!

Tues: Strange day today. Got up early for a 14 mile run & just didn’t feel very peppy. With Leadman hanging over my head, I can’t skip a run just I don’t feel "peppy". A lot of times I start feeling better once I get running anyway. Out of bed and on the trail. I kind of slogged through the run but never really felt good, even a bit in a bad mood. Felt tired and stiff throughout the run. Stiff most of the day afterward, actually falling asleep a couple times in front of my computer at work. Now the strange part. The evening ProCycling ride was great! It was a kick butt ride! I felt strong right from the beginning. On the first climb I felt strong and stayed with the big boys about ½ way through the climb. I even got stupid and tried to go to the front. Well that didn’t last long, and the lead guys cranked it up a notch and started to pull away. They weren’t pulling away real fast though, and I was determined to keep them in sight all the way to the top. The last part of the climb kicks it up pretty steep and I was on the verge of puking, but was able to keep them in site. The second climb, I actually was right with the leaders all the way to the top, going over third! Stoked! This was a night where everything clicked. Wonder why the morning was so weird?

Run: 2.1 hrs, 14 miles
Bike: 1.1 hrs, 18 miles

Wed: Today was recovery from yesterday and rest for tomorrow. Tomorrow is a big day. Morning run to Eagle View Middle School then 2 miles barefoot on the grass inside the track, then back home. In the evening, just played around on the mountain bike for an hour, working on technical stuff in Ute Park. Nice relaxing fun.

Run: 0.8 hrs, 6 miles
Bike: 1 hr, 8.2 miles

Thurs: A big day! A climbing day! Early morning ride to Cheyenne Canyon for three repeats to the top. My goal was for each repeat to be faster. Times were slow I accomplished my goal. I was also working on using as big as gear as possible, sort of like weight lifting on the bike. Each climb is 3.1 miles with average grade of 7.3%. The first mile is relatively flat so the second part is steeper. After the third repeat, about ½ way down I saw Dan D coming up. He was suppose to do the workout with me, but I guess it was too early and he couldn’t get away from hugging his pillow. I turned around and rode to the top with him, which turned out to be 1.4 miles with avg grade 8.2%. Rode home from there, which was another hour, and added the Flying W climb, because it’s a tradition, for a total of a little over 6,000 ft of climbing. This was only the beginning of the fun! In the evening, the CRUD Barr Trail Time Trial. This is a timed run 4.5 miles up Barr Trail with an avg. grade of 11.2%. After that we go for a run. I surprised myself tonight, as I walked a lot more than I did last week but was 3 minutes faster. Stoked again. Great ride Tues, brutal hill workout this morning, and now 3 minutes faster than last week. I think training is coming along. I have to admit these times are not fast, but they are improving.

Bike: 3.9 hrs, 48 miles 6000+ ft climbing.
Run: 2.7 hrs, 14 miles 3360ft climbing.

Fri: Legs were pretty sore today. Loosened them up a bit with a good strength workout, then an easy spin downtown in the afternoon running errands, like buying new running shoes. Big run tomorrow.
Bike 1.2 hrs, 15 miles

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