Saturday, May 30, 2009

Running and Loving the Trails!

The Start of another Epic Run

Another Epic CRUD run. We had a pretty big group and it was just fun right from the beginning. There were different goals with today’s run so we started together for an hour of so then started splitting up on different routes. Some guys like Rick Hessik, Paul Smith, and John Genet were running for over 6 hours! Most of the group was planning on running about 3 hours, while my goals was about 25 miles. I ran from home to the Santa Fe Trail head, met up with Team CRUD and we ran north toward the Air Force Academy, through miles of horse trails, then the Falcon Trail. After a few miles on the Falcon Trail we split, some going up Stanley Canyon, while myself, John, Keith, and Carl continued on the Falcon Trail. Falcon Trail is a 13 mile rolling loop around the Air Force Academy. It’s a great run and ride. It’s amazing the amount and variety of trails we have here.

There were a few water crossings

After completing the Falcon loop, Keith, Carl and I headed back to the Santa Fe Trail and eventually the trailhead of this morning meeting. John, although not feeling too enthused about it, continued alone for another lap of the Falcon Trail. It was getting close to 80 degrees. Once we got back to the trailhead, Carl had 22.5 miles on his GPS, and I still had to run the two miles back home. It seemed like a good idea when I left in the morning. No biggy, that’s what the Leadman is all about, continuing when you don’t feel like it. So I ran the rest of the way home, feeling surprisingly strong. I must not have looked that way, because as I was running up my street, I seem to be getting a lot of "that poor guy" looks. Tomorrow is a big bike day, then I’ll take it easy until the Sand Creek Mountain Bike Race on Wed.
Here comes Team CRUD
Run: 4.3 hrs, 26 miles

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