Saturday, April 25, 2009

Leaving DC Headin to San Diego

Well I am glad to be leaving DC. Headin to my stomping grounds in CA. Won't have my bike, but at least I'll have the opportunity to get some decent trail runs in. Nothing extremely hilly, but it will be nice to run on some rough trails. San Diego is becoming my home away from home. Run down for the second week in DC:

Fri, April 24: Started the day with an early morning recovery run. Took a new route through different neighborhoods and enjoyed the morning songbirds for an easy, relaxing 4 miles. Only worked 10 hours today so got a good workout in the gym. Heading for San Diego tomorrow! I’m really glad to be leaving DC but sure wish I had my bike.

Thurs, April 23: Today we had to be to work early, so I decided to cut my run down to 9 miles from the planned 12. Got up at four and with no dilly-dallying, was on the street by 4:10. Ran a pretty easy pace out about 4 1/2 miles then turned around. On the way back I got so deep in thought that I didn’t pay attention and the next thing I knew I had no clue where I was. Continued running until I found Virginia Ave, a street I ran earlier. Finally came to a spot that I recognized and was back on track. Turned out I ran a two mile circle and was back where I was 20 minutes before. So I got an impromptu speed workout running the last 2 ½ miles back to the hotel, for a total of 11 miles.

Wed, April 22: Very easy 4 ½ mile recovery run early in the morning. Felt a little stiff from yesterday’s run, so started out nice and easy until the legs started loosening up. It was just nice to be outside and listen to the morning songbirds. The rest of the day will be indoors, sitting on my butt and wearing a tie. It was a short easy run, but today’s only sanity check.

Tues, April 21: Didn’t get to do anything Monday due to a very long day at work. Today got up at 4:15 and ran 12 miles in the neighborhoods near the hotel. Felt really good today and kept a pretty brisk pace. Again, even though it was overcast and raining a little bit, the singing of birds as the night drifted into day was incredible. I was feeling particularly good this morning so the last 4 miles I lifted the pace to where it felt like I was racing. I imagined I was in the last 4 miles of the Akron Marathon feeling great and hammering to the finish. It was a good feeling. In the evening I did a quick workout in the hotel gym. The hotel gym equipment was not very good at all, but we worked late and I didn’t have time to go to the real gym. A little of something is better than lot of nothing.

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  1. I love it!...."a little of something is better than a lot of nothing." So did you come in first in the Roadrunner? :)